My Mission Statement...How I Will Help You

I am a full-time agent in Dallas Texas.
My mission statement encompasses my commitment to serve the real estate needs of my clients.
  • I will provide my clients exceptional service with quality in all aspects  of the real estate transaction, 
          from the first interview to closing. 
  • I will provide my clients after closing services as needed.
  • I will provide my clients the best value with the least inconvenience.


Why I am Your Best Choice to Help Achieve Your Real Estate Goals 
I am a full-time real estate agent Dallas Texas. My mission statement “YOUR HOME IS MY MISSION” is a thoughtful result of 40+ years as a Dallas area resident, 25+ years of marriage, 20+ years of being a soccer mom, 20+years in non-profit development, 9 home purchases and most importantly a proven  record of serving my client's real estate needs.  
I understand the complexities of real estate thus have surrounded myself with quality people and organizations to serve the needs of my clients.  The typical real estate client begins the process with an online search however it is the quality of the professionals that can make a difference in a search and a successful transaction.  I will provide my clients with referrals to title, mortgage, inspector, insurance, and warranty professionals as needed.  A real estate transaction does sometimes require mechanical or structural referrals, I will provide these as well. 
Also, selling your home does sometimes require a professional to stage and decorate, I will of course provide this as well.  My goal in providing these is to help you find the best value in the buying and selling process with the least inconvenience. 

Let Your Home be my Mission! 
My family and I have lived in the Dallas area for over 40 years now. While working, and raising a family I also became involved in various philanthropic organizations.  This involvement led to my career as a Non-Profit Development professional.  I was blessed to have had a very successful career and raising  tens of millions of dollars for non-profits and education. 
I have long desired a real estate career and have come to fulfill my dream.  Real estate offers me the opportunity to make use of all my experience from non-profit in people skills, marketing, negotiation and of course creating a positive financial impact for my clients.  I help families
find their dream home and sale their current home to fulfill their future goals, this is an awesome opportunity!!  This career fills my desire to continue helping the community around me.   
Let Your Home be my Mission!!